I look forward to reading one of your published works someday.
— Kathy Hunter, My 4th Grade Teacher

These words have spun around in my head since ten-year-old me filled my days with acrostic poetry and short stories inspired by Chris Van Allsburg and Judy Blume.

After spending many years as a pre-school teacher, I summoned the courage to dust off my English degree, open my laptop, and make Mrs. Hunter proud.

My subject matter is limited only to what I feel passionately about - which is pretty much everything. If I read something, see something, or feel something that gets my gears turning, I write about it.

I view writing as a way to elicit discussion and challenge inequity. My work often shines a light on societal issues that need to come out of the darkness.

As a proud and often frustrated mother of two, I also discuss the wild and wonderful world of parenting. 

Being a self-professed connoisseur of sarcasm, most of my work includes an element of humour. Be it a wry turn of phrase in an otherwise serious commentary, or a laugh-out-loud comedy piece, I try to work in a smile for the reader somewhere.

I am a regular contributor to the Savvymom group of sites, and to Yummy Mummy Club. I have been featured on CBC Parents, and have contributed to a variety of online publications including The Mighty, Blunt Moms, and Family Matters Magazine.

I am always looking for new places to share my stories!